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Suntana Spray Tan

Avaliable in light, medium, dark & after dark

 The cosmetics experts at Suntana are pioneers in custom fragranced tanning products. The first manufacturer of sunless tanning products in the world to develop individual fragrances for each strength category. By giving distinct evocative fragrances to each strength it enables both therapist and client to easily identify with a particular shade.

Scrumptious fragrances will invigorate the senses. Blackberry, Chocolate, Cherry and Coconut; each being unique to a particular shade allowing the therepist to cater for all skin types and colour preferences

Whether you are looking for lovely sun-kissed glow or a deep bronzed tan, our unique spray tan formulas will give you a convincingly natural result without exposure to harmful UV rays.

Full Body= £18                                                                           20mins                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Half Body= £12                                                                          15mins

Legs Only= £9                                                                            10mins

Pre Spray Tan Advice:

*Exfoliate the previous night*

*All waxing or shaving to be done the previous night*

*Wear loose, dark clothing after the initial spray tan*

*No make up or moisturiser, deo or perfume to be worn on the day as this may react with the tanning solution*

Spray Tan Aftercare Advice:

*Avoid contact with water for at least 8 hours*

*No vigorous exercise at least 8hrs after the tan*

*We recommend that the tan develops best when left on over night*

*Shower or bathe in the morning and rinse until the water runs clear*

*Be careful with shower gels and oils this can affect the tan*

*Do not scrub or rub the skin, pat dry after showering*

*Moisturise your body regularly to prolong your tan*

Our advise to our clients is that you always have

your spray tan 24 hours before your special event




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Suntana spray tan

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